Tablet Weaving

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Tablet Weaving, Basic Two-Colour Patterns
by Ruth MacGregor

Tablet weaving: one of the oldest ways to weave, and it doesn't require a loom! Instead, the weaver uses cards, or tablets. In the Iron Age, these tablets were made of wood, bone or leather. Modern weavers use tablets made of wood, cardboard, plastic, rawhide, shell, milk cartons -- materials of our everyday lives.

This is a book for new tablet weavers. In step-by-step photos, it shows you how tablet weaving works, how to set up and get weaving right away, and how to create an amazing array of patterns from a simple two-colour threading.

The book begins by stepping you through the warping process with explanations in both photos and words. This kind of warping is called "continuous warping". It's just one of many ways to set up a tablet-weaving warp, but it's remarkably fast: you can set up the sample warp illustrated throughout the book in less than fifteen minutes!