But what can you do with it?




Belts: to knot or buckle

to tie with multiple strands

to thread through waist pouch/purse


Straps:watches, sandals, sundresses, guitar, camera


Handles: baskets, woven bags


Webbing:chairs, campstool, luggage rack


Cases:phones, spectacles, comb, recorder, pencils



Curtain tiebacks

Key chain



Plackets: for buttons on knitting or crochet

Closures: to gather in a wide sleeve 

at neck, "frogs"

sides of tunic

cording to take fancy buttons

Hat bands


Wedding garter or crown

Chic hem concealment for garments or curtains

Camouflage for altered hem length

Braces (suspenders) to hold up trousers





markers, orphreys, stoles

Trimmings: cushions, burse




Dog leads, llama leads 

Horse tack: head collar, fly fringe, reins, leads


At Home


Trimmings: pillow cases, pelmets, lamp shades

Cording / piping: cushions


Hangers: trays, framed old photos, plants, shelves


Tie up a special parcel, or hang a special object


Skipping ropes 



Scissors cords


Cards: Christmas, wedding, birthday, seasonal

Napkin ring: your special colours,


Christmas decoration (hollow braid can be wired)

Child harness: for mothers to hold lively toddlers

with bells on for play








Necklace, choker

Bracelet, earrings

Cord for specs

Hair band, barrette, or to braid into long hair

Cord for making fancy Chinese knots




Have I missed anything?


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"What do you do with them" is the most-asked question in a braider's life.

Thinking of braids and bands as "fancy string" is a help. 

Pre-velcro and zippers, folks wouldn't have been decent without cords 

to hold up pants and socks and tie together tops.

Nomads use them for utility and decorations and so do we.

A guy I know learned to braid so he could hang his stereo speakers from the 

ceiling. Voila! both utility AND decoration!